Your contribution will help us continue our work supporting patients and their families, as well as the hard-working NHS staff at the Toni & Guy Ward in King’s College Hospital. When you make a gift to the Toni&Guy Charitable Foundation you are helping to change the lives of hundreds of people. Big or small, one off or regular, all donations make a difference and are greatly appreciated.



In 2013 Toni Mascolo and the Toni & Guy Charitable Foundation donated £700,000 to renovate a children’s ward at King’s College Hospital in south east London. Since then, thousands of sick children and their families have been treated and cared for on the state of the art Toni & Guy ward.

toni & guy ward


Toni & Guy is a children’s inpatient ward with 15 beds located in the Variety Children’s Hospital at King’s. The children’s hospital cares for around 50,000 young patients per year. Most of the patients treated on Toni & Guy ward are aged from birth to 16, but young people who need ongoing specialist care can return to the ward until they are 18-21. Most patients are on the ward for at least a week, and some can need inpatient care for many months. Staff on Toni & Guy specialise in caring for children with cancer, respiratory and blood conditions. Staff on Toni & Guy ward specialise in caring for children with cancer, respiratory and blood conditions. Last year, 1,260 children were treated on Toni & Guy ward.

Toni & Guy ward has a large and well equipped play area where specialist workers support young patients by helping them to understand their illness and treatment through therapeutic play. They also organise activities in the play area and help children and their families to have the best possible experience during their hospital stay.

Parents can visit the ward at any time and there are facilities for one parent to stay overnight with their child. There is also a parents’ room, a calm, relaxing and non-clinical space where parents can go to take a break, make something to eat and drink, watch tv and meet other families with children on the ward. Having a sick child in hospital is a stressful and frightening experience, and having a quiet space to meet other parents in the same situation can provide valuable support and reassurance.




We believe in building an organisation, a symbol of trust, transparency, and high morale. Every penny received by the foundation goes directly to our chosen beneficiary.


Our Ward wishes benefit children currently undergoing treatment at the T&G ward at King’s College hospital, and include decorating treatment rooms, purchasing equipment, and more.


Kind Words

Thanks to the generosity of the Toni & Guy Foundation, the Toni & Guy children’s ward at King’s College Hospital has been completely transformed. The 50,000 young patients who are treated at the ward per year, now have access to state-of-the-art facilities. These include well-equipped play areas, facilities for parents to stay overnight with their children, and a parents’ room which provides a calming, relaxing and non-clinical space for parent’s and caregivers to take a break. 

The difference this has made on the children’s wellbeing and recovery at King’s has been incredible. With more donations, we can continue to make a real difference to the lives of young patients on our ward, providing world-class care. Any donation, small or big, will make a difference.

~ The Team @ the TONI&GUY Ward, King's Collage Hospital

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